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Broke & Bespoke: Vans is the Plan!

Ben-Vans 2

In my last post, you saw an oufit I found in one swift thrift store swoop.

However, hunting for a bargain isn’t always so easy. The reality is some days I go out to multiple thrift stores and return home with nothing to show for it. So today, I want to show you a more typical day-in-the-thrifting-life of Ben Baptiste.

With my recent Gant Rugger find in mind (see here), I hop on my bike and venture out to one of my favourite thrift stores to find some new additions that may go nicely. This store has a decent sized men’s section and I carefully sift my way through the racks, I never skim over too quickly as I don’t want to miss any hidden gems! Alas, no luck! I move on to the men’s shoes, at a glance it looks like the usual old converse, worn out work boots and a load of tacky grandpa dress shoes. When I step back and have a look up at the highest shelf, I see a pair of relatively new soles peeking over the edge. With a  jump I am able to grab one down and BOOM! An almost brand new maroon Vans shoe marked $18 dollars – just my size!

I quickly research on my iPhone – before hastily making a purchase – and discover the shoe is called the Zero Lo, designed by Luke Meier of Supreme. Needless to say I purchase these quality shoes with a big grin from ear to ear.


Feeling pretty lucky with only one stop down and already a great find in my messenger bag, I ride off to find more thrift store gold.

I try my luck at two smaller stores but unfortunately come out empty handed, Even the smaller thrift stores can still house gems, so worth a try. Some days you just have to be persistent. Today I’m not ready to quit without that final addition to my outfit!

I decide to enlist my beautiful thrift loving girlfriend for a car ride further out west to a store where I’ve had success in the past. This store is remarkably clean, all racks are ordered by color which I love and the staff are super friendly. I search through a great selection of button up shirts, sweaters and t-shirts and finally find a stylish short sleeved Ben Sherman shirt for $8.

I’m pleasantly surprised when the cashier tells us there is a 3 for $12 deal. I have now nabbed myself a $4 Ben Sherman find to go with my new Vans and Gant chinos!

So there you have it, not a one stop shop by any means but after a good hard day of thrifting I’ve managed to create another look for all you MenStylePower readers at the outrageous price of $26.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Now go forth and be frugal, my friends!


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