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Broke and Bespoke: Brent Wilson, Topman & WeWood Watches

Happy New Year, MSP readers!

Ben here. If you haven’t seen my introduction post, I’m the new guy – here to give you all some tips on how to be a dapper man on a budget. A lot of you may find thrift store shopping a pain but, personally, I find it very therapeutic. So I’m down to teach you my ways here in this Broke & Bespoke category. Thanks for joining me for my first official post!

Just before we at MSP took a break for the holiday season I did a little thrift store shopping. Most days when I venture out to thrift I have to visit multiple stores to find at least one nice piece. Today, however, was a one-stop shop! I found a great full outfit, perfectly festive for the ride into the New Year of Twenty-Fifteen.

Firstly, I found this Brent Wilson light long sleeve button-up from ‘The Basics’ collection for just $9.


Brent Wilson is a young talented Sydney based menswear designer with a great eye for colors and patterns. This long sleeve is an instant upgrade to my work and going out wear. It’s a regular fit 100% cotton shirt that fits my athletic shoulders and arms. I often find that shirts tagged as a medium can be pretty snug on me around this area but this shirt is true to its medium tag size. In all these shots I have a casual rolled sleeve – which to me is preferred – but can instantly give a more formal look when worn long.

I then spotted these Topman size 32 (perfect fit!) skinny chinos for $12.

BB-red pants

The coral Topman chinos are slim fit, which creates crisp lines for long or short legs. Some may be a little nervous to step out of their comfort zone with a coral or salmon pant, but I highly recommend giving it a try. It can be a great addition to any wardrobe and goes with a surprising amount of colors (more on this later, I promise!).

Lastly, I stumbled upon this pair of Italian-made black leather driving loafers (couldn’t find a label, just a made in Italy stamp) for only $18.

BB shoes

The driving loafers have plenty of life left in the soles. This is one of the first things I check when buying second-hand shoes. These drivers must be made with quality Italian leather because they already have that slightly worn feel, just like your favorite old t-shirt. The leather on the toe and outer edge of both shoes was a bit scuffed but this was a super quick and easy fix. With just a small amount of black shoe polish, I buffed those areas back to a nice matte black in no time.

Slim fit chinos show off shoes beautifully and if the pants are too long – which for me they often are – I cuff them (roll them) and show off a little ankle. This gives a universal look that fits with most fashion trends, whether your style is preppy, nautical or more of a street feel. You can mix it up with different footwear and accessories and even create a look ready for Cavallino at The Breakers in South Florida.

BB full outfit

So that brings us to a grand total of $39 – yes, thirty-nine dollars – for my entire outfit. You can’t beat that! A full head to toe outfit for less than forty bucks, people!

BB receipt

If you’re interested in creating a similar look for yourself, below I have included some links to where you can find these items or similar items for a bargain!

SHIRT: currently 50% off but who knows for how long, so get in quick!


WATCH: Check out this recent MENSTYLEPOWER article on an eco-friendly style featuring Wewood watches!

SHOES: If you can’t afford to drop between three and six hundred on a pair of the recently featured Tod’s Gomminos, you can click HERE for a more affordable option

Happy bargain-snaking, style cobras!

Until next time,



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