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Bring the Quiet; LYNX

We’d like to bring the quiet. Yes we would. After Fashion week, after overloading on Instagram, after the whipper snipper in the garden, we’d like to drift off into the abyss of silence. With smell being the most nostalgic of the senses, LYNX understands that to create a true sense of calm within the chaos of life, fragrance had to play an important part in their latest and greatest product, LYNX Black. And who doesn’t mind a bit of a masculine looking grooming products sitting in your bathroom vanity.

Life now runs at the pace of a V12 Maserati. And there are some people and businesses eager to get into the slow movement trend. MenStylePower is one of them and so is LYNX. You know the saying, good things take time. The slow and enduring win the race. You’ve probably felt it yourself. When the tide of the multitudes swing to one direction, there is something inside of you eager to go the other way. What creates this urgency?

The world is currently obsessed with the loud, the colourful, the big, the strong and the courageous. Now there’s nothing wrong with courage, because there are also gentle giants who prefer to take a trip on the quiet side. As with fashion designers, grooming products will also do the about-face and create a collection that is subtle, refined, understated and simple. LYNX Black allows you to make an impression without going over the top. Check out the range here.

The LYNX Black fragrance for men offers a masculine, aromatic scent, combining bright notes of summer fruits with warm, inviting floral and spice undertones. It’s crafted to be subtle and more refined, allowing you to bring the quiet.

Fragrance Pyramid:Top:Watermelon ester, Watermelon STT, Bergamot NaturePrint®, Raspberry NaturePrint®, Frozen PearMiddle:Freesia, Waterlily, Apricot NaturePrint®, RosemaryBottom:Patchouli, Moss, Cedarwood, Labdanum

This post was sponsored by Lynx Black but all thoughts are our own.


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