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Boot leggin’

Men’s boot design is, in 2010, a conflagration of sci fi inspired style – the improbable made possible – from the color palettes to the textures and materials.

Ferragamo channels “X Men”, Versace takes a futuristic approach with “Matrix” stylin’, Dolce & Gabbana channels a rugged “Mad Max”, Alexander McQueen lapses back in time with boots that encapsulate “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and Bottega Veneta, is firmly entrenched in “Universal Soldiers”.

If you too want to capture a little of that mysterious future, leg yourself to your nearest retailer and get yourself booted up at a faster than light speed.

Versace’s Matrix’d world

Ferragamo – X Men rated

McQueen’s black and white homage to the outer universe

Dolce & Gabanna “Mad Max” inspired boots

More D&G

D&G … again …

Bottega Veneta’s homage to military scifi


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