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Best Dressed Gentlemen at The Oscars 2016

While the women of the 2016 Oscars are floating down the red carpet in a rainbow of colours and textiles, the Gentlemen are pacing their swagger and chivalrous qualities behind the scenes prior to stepping out in their latest dapperesque attire.

Personally, on this annual event we don’t mind if the men are gifted the suit they wear for the evening. It’s a visual feast reminding us of the days gone by accompanied with cutting edge modernity from some of the most successful menswear houses on the planet.

Our favourite images of men’s suiting from the 88th Academy Awards, 2016 showcase gentlemen whose Designers have truly investigated their silhouette and proportion as a means to enhance their masculinity, character and inner archetype.


BENICIO DEL TORO – don’t mess with Benicio. This man is a powerful character with sharp and instinctive mannerisms.


DEV PATEL – All grown up now after a succession of entertaining and moving movies, Dev shows off a great proportion in a deep blue tuxedo laced with black lapels and trousers.


EDDIE REDMAYNE – Incredibly elegant and sophisticated with matte shoes and slim-line trousers, Eddie dons a traditional tuxedo in velvet.


FINN WITROCK – Again a wonderful cut that enhances Finn’s silhouette and perfect proportion.


HENRY CAVILL – Our Superman! A difficult frame to dress as Henry’s shape is incredibly wide at the shoulders which will taper in his arms making them look slightly shorter than a more slender frame such as Eddie’s. Nonetheless, dressing Henry would have been completely custom made to fit his incredible physique.


JARED LETO – at Last year’s Oscar’s, I’d mentioned we needed to get Jared’s hair its own Twitter account. And this year, he’s cut off the locks and gone wild with the style of the tuxedo. GUCCI! WE LOVE!! He never let’s us down when it comes to his risky fashion behaviour. Anna Wintour would be proud.


LEO DICAPRIO – The Man himself. I swear if he didn’t win this year I would have boycotted the Oscars in 2017. He’s been robbed for so long, and so tonight, it’s his time to shine. And shoe shine it is. And shine on his speech, giving voice to our planet.


MICHAEL FASSBENDER – The son of an Irish mother and a German father, really spins our wheels when it comes to his style and fashion. Tonight is no exception. We dig this dude. And although in this picture his shirt cuff is perhaps an inch too long for his jacket sleeve, we’ll dismiss this as we think he’s tops!


ROGER FEDERER – Never a step out of line when Federer wears a tux. He just looks so good in them. Would love to see it on the court. Wouldn’t you?


RYAN SEACREST – One of the hardest working men in Hollywood, I wonder if this guy actually sleeps. If so it would only be for 4 hours a night. Seacrest is a man of shorter stature than most, so splitting up his colours has worked well for him. Perfect sleeve length, great slim line pants, perhaps this is from his own line of clothing?


SAM SMITH – Perfect silhouette shown here on Sam Smith who represents a British man steeped in the 50’s gentlemanly era. His stylist chose Dunhill being the exact aesthetics that they were after. Classic tailoring for the modern gentleman.


STEPHAN MOCCIO – utterly brilliant. We love the lapel on this tuxedo which loosens up the formality of the traditional tuxedo, with no bowtie.


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