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Belstaff: Legend. Icon. Craftmanship.

It’s not often one gets to witness an icon brand released into the rugged atmosphere of the far south so the MSP crew was faint with excitement when we heard that this authentic and unique international player was hitting our shores.

Bestaff Fashion


The brand that clothed Ewan Macgregor on his 15.000 miles long ‘Long Way Down’ motorcycle adventure. The brand behind the legendary Trialmaster Jacket that a rugged Steve McQueen wore on The Great Escape and The Getaway.

The unrivalled motorcycle clothing brand that is so entrenched in tradition and modern history that it has reinvented, innovated and stylised its core to move and lead the fashion and authentic motorcycle field for years … and we now have access to the beautiful leather and waxed cotton engineering it is so well known for.

Ladies and gents ~ Belstaff has landed in Australia!

Belstaff’s unrivalled ability to fuse technologically innovative fabrics, traditional craftsmanship and iconic style has made it the obvious choice for serious motorcyclists for over 80 years. When Che Guevara set out on his first journey across Latin America it was his Trialmaster jacket which protected him from the elements, and which came to define the brand’s image of rugged, authentic cool.

Belstaff’s customer base has diversified from the rugged, male motorcycle rebel of the 50s and 60s. Now with a iconic visual identity encompassing both the casually elegant man and the powerfully chic woman, it is a lifestyle brand. Since 2001 major advertising campaigns have reinforced the brand’s new image, whilst retaining the essence of its core values – heritage, quality fabrics and classic style. It’s iconic “Phoenix Rising” logo is an symbol of Belstaff’s rise and fall – from the textile crisis of the early 90s with the Malenotti family as its helm, to its steady creep into the high fashion arena including shows at Milan Fashion Week and boasting cutting edge advertising campaigns with fashion icons Kate Moss and photographer Steven Meisel.

With a commitment to backing humanitarian campaign such as Not On Our Watch, partnership with international events like the World Music Awards and new flagship stores in Japan, Europe and America, Belstaff is truly a unique force in fashion.

A HOLLYWOOD HERITAGE Hollywood and Belstaff have forged a unique and formidable relationship. Belstaff has played a leading role in Hollywood’s sartorial history. Its designer work closely with top costume makers to create outfits that often helps to build, and become inseparable from, the characters who wear them. Their original leather biking jacket was the hallmark of 1950s movie stars including Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Today, Belstaff is favourite of Hollywood’s wardrobe departments who request Belstaff garments for their durability and movement for film such as I’m not There, War of the Worlds, The Departed, Inglorious Bastards, Amelia, Nowhere Boy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Belstaff has starred in Batman Begins, Blade: Trinity, The Interpreter, Tomb Raider II, Mission Impossible III, The Aviator, Iron Man 2, X-Men 3, Ocean’s Twelve, The Aviator, and on I Am Legend where Will Smith looked cool and in control with the help of the legendary Trial Master Legend Jacket.

In constant demand as much for its durability and movement, as it is for its unique and effortless style, Belstaff has become a living, breathing, waterproof symbol of style.

Get yourself into a Belstaff iconic piece and don’t balk at the price tag; think of it as an excellent investment into well designed and long lasting piece of clothing that will last you a lifetime.

In Australia, you can find Belstaff exclusively at Deus Ex Machina due to the hard work of Nick Mascitelli Imports.


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