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Bausele: Australia’s Premium TimePiece

Bausele Terra Australis

When it comes to watches, identity, status and innovative design is what’s selling the timepieces more than functionality.

Today, most watches are waterproof, have handsome faces and premium quality materials if they are not made of precious metals. But the ones that stand out have extremely unique selling points, which capture the poet in the wearer, who wouldn’t hold back to discuss his new timepiece over a favourite whiskey.

Understanding this emotion is founder, Christophe Hoppe who after a long walk on a Newcastle beach in 2011, had a moment of divine intervention which lead him to create the watch brand, Bausele.

Australia is a country founded on adventurous travellers. We love to sail, climb, explore and seek adrenaline-fulfilling pastimes. In addition to this lifestyle, we’re also big on entrepreneurialism and innovation.

OceanMoon Bausele

Bausele, which is short for Beyond Australian Elements, was the only Australian company invited to participate at this years Baselworld in Switzerland. Now that’s an achievement in itself, but outstandingly, the company delves deep into the Australian psyche by including into its collections, a tiny piece of an Australian element in the crown of the watch, which is the unique idea by Christophe.


Bausele is Australia’s first premium watch brand which celebrates the Australian identity especially with our travelling businessmen. Within the signature hollow crown feature, each watch holds actual unique elements of Australia subtly contained on display including Red earth from the Outback, Sand from one of the beautiful beaches, or Opal from under this ancient land.

Created to suit the Australian way of life, Bausele’s beautiful timepieces don’t just incorporate elements of Australia, they are constructed with precision to withstand the raw and powerful elemental forces of Australia with precise engineering.


Through the powerful and ambitious collaboration with Flinders University, Hoppe and the chosen inventors created a new featherweight and durable material that has been used in the construction of Bausele’s watches. Named Bauselite, this advanced ceramic nano-technology has been incorporated as a key design feature in Bausele’s watches helping to provide increased strength and reliability not found with its competitors.

The new collection’s exciting colour ways, range of interchangeable straps and Australian elements incorporated into each design, distinctly set apart Bausele timepieces. The new collections launch exclusively at David Jones – Elizabeth Street, Sydney and Bourke Street, Melbourne stores on Monday 9th of November 2015.


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