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Barneys New York ‘MAN UP’ Campaign


August 27 will showcase an evening with the creators of ‘Man Up’. A new initiative at Barneys New York Madison Avenue covering all things a guy needs for rockin’ an awesome wardrobe.

Just to remind you of how incredibly innovative Barneys New York was, the company began in 1923, so this year is Barneys New York’s 90th birthday—and in case you aren’t up to speed on your BNY history, they started out as a men’s retailer way back when.

Barney Pressman opened his first store in Manhattan with $500 raised by pawning his wife’s engagement ring in order to lease a 500-square-foot space at Seventh Avenue and West 17th Street in Manhattan with 20 ft of frontage.

Barney’s Clothes was stocked with 40 brand name suits and a big sign with a slogan, “No Bunk, No Junk, No Imitations.” Barney’s sold clothing at discounted prices by purchasing showroom samples, retail overstocks, and manufacturers’ closeouts at auctions and bankruptcy sales. It also offered free alterations and free parking to attract customers.

Now that’s vision! Although today if you pawned your wife’s engagement ring, a divorce would be the next big investment not a department store.

Barney Pressman claimed to be the first Manhattan retailer to use radio and television, beginning with “Calling All Men to Barney’s” radio spots in the 1930s that parodied the introduction of the Dick Tracy show. He sponsored radio programs featuring Irish tenors and bands playing jigs to advertise Irish woollens. Women encased in barrels gave away matchbooks with the store name and address. He also chartered a boat to take 2,000 of his customers from Manhattan to Coney Island. AND Barneys is widely credited to have introduced Giorgio Armani to the American Public in the 70s.

Menswear is very close to Barneys’ hearts, which is why they’re particularly delighted to announce the Man Up campaign.

On the heels of their newly renovated men’s first floor and a soon to be unveiled sixth floor (opening August 24th!), along with exciting product launches, exclusives, and more, Man Up celebrates everything a guy needs for style, his way.

So, what does it take to man up? When it comes to your closet, you’ll need a couple of great-fitting suits (at least one made-to-measure, some pants that aren’t jeans, a great bag, a few sweaters, sharp shirts and ties, and a pair of shoes that you plan to take care of for a while, to start.

PS: When you visit the newly renovated men’s floor at the Barneys New York flagship, prepare yourself for a real treat, check out the mezzanine, where Gents can kick back and relax in the new lounge area, complete with coffee service, iPad stations, and a digital display featuring Barneys’ top brands.



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