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Bald is Beautiful, and so is Reclaiming your Hair!

A number of years ago, The Stig of Style made the bold proclamation that Bald is Back, and called for hair thinning men everywhere to embrace the ‘bald is beautiful’ mantra.

Now, while bald is beautiful, it can also be incredibly confronting if you’re not ready for it and you don’t have the confidence to rock it. So, as a follow up to our ‘bald is beautiful’ article, here’s some valuable information about what you can do if you’re not ready to accept the sparseness up top.

Introduce Mike.

Mike is your everyday gent, he works hard, appreciates a good man-scape (that’s grooming) and likes to keep fit. But as he galloped into his early thirties, he noticed a receding hairline: the widow’s peak to be exact.

Mike told us that he first researched the main causes of hair loss and was surprised to find that it was more common than not. He also discovered the alarming fact that over half of all Australian men will see the effects of balding by the age of 50. Blimey Charlie! So that jarred him into action to find a hair loss prevention clinic quick smart.

“I found an array of options for preventing hair loss which consisted of shampoos, to vitamins and of course hair loss clinics”, Mike says, “but all of these were overwhelming and I was unsure to which was best for me, and also what was going on with my specific balding”.

Do you think being stressed causes hair loss?

Do you think being stressed causes hair loss?

For the next year Mike was visiting another well-known hair loss prevention clinic. “I certainly saw my hair loss slow down, but to maintain this treatment I needed to travel into the city, see a consultant, and buy a lot of product. It was very expensive and terribly inconvenient”.

So, in the search for a more convenient and less expensive option, Mike came across Hairmop and was intrigued by their inconspicuous delivery and affordable medical offering.

Does you scalp itch?

Does your scalp itch?

Hairmop Who?

Hairmop is the first Australian hair loss clinic that offers hair loss treatment plans –from the privacy of your home. Yep, you can obtain 3-monthly subscriptions that include an online doctor consultation, tailored medical treatment plans and products delivered discreetly to your door and ongoing monitoring and support. Hairmop was transparent, super convenient and saved Mike money and best of all, they offered free haircuts every six months for life. Now that’s a guarantee!

Guys, let’s face it, hair loss is already stressful enough without having to add routine visits to a clinic, holding a logo’d bag of anti-balding goods, right in the middle of your day.

Mike’s Hair loss Plan

“I chose to go with the Regrower medical treatment plan which is seriously only $2.50 per day’, Mike boasts.

“I booked a time with a Hairmop doctor at 7pm, and organised a video call so the Doc could assess my hairline. I shared my medical history, if I was allergic to anything and so forth, and any concerns I had and then the Doc talked me through a tailored plan,” Mike states. “The treatment plan was delivered discreetly to my door within a few working days. It was a great experience from start to finish”.

How is Mike Finding the Treatment?

It’s early days still, and Mike has been really impressed with the follow-up service of the Hairmop team. He is aware that results vary person to person and continues to take his treatment plan as prescribed by the doctor and is aware of the clinical evidence supporting the treatment plan.

In the meantime, Mike is happy to report he’s experienced a positive uplift in just knowing he’s taken action towards tackling the issue. Stay tuned for more exciting insights on how the medication and hair loss regrowth progresses for Mike. 2018 is an exciting time for hair loss sufferers!

*To find out more about Hairmop’s hair loss products or their service, watch this informative video, or visit Hairmop’s site. If you’re not happy with their products or service, there is a money-back guarantee and you can cancel at any time.


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