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Audi, Henri Lloyd and Yacht Racing

The Audi Hamilton Is. race week.

Now if you’re anything like me, you’d like to keep your feet on dry land. Where there are some who enjoy a good ol’ dip in the salty masses; but for me, I signed a contract with the sharks a long time ago. I stay out of their waters, and they stay out of my tub.

In saying that, I don’t mind a skit around in a 30ft yacht once in a while, but prefer a mega-yacht like those owned by the French Cruise Line, Compagnie du Ponant. Expensive, sexy and powerful vessels that serve champers and a relaxing massage daily. James!

Henri Lloyds masculine and sporty look

Many people do no learn to sail, they are born into it. Most lovers of sailing have a blue water cruiser in every bay and a mooring ball in every harbour. More important than actually sailing their luxury yacht, is ensuring that they have the most conspicuous slip at the marina. Ha! These stunning, massive vessels, in whites and sapphire blues are singing like a mermaid for you to come closer, have a jaw-dropping peek, and then dream about them that night. Your wife will be wondering why you’re muttering “89 foot Oyster” in your sleep.

Sailing. It’s what the wealthy love to do with a few fellow mates onboard with a cup of tea in hand. Standing topside on a yacht that is tipped on an angle of 45 degrees toward the deep blue, you know you’re a MAN. Sailing is the perfect summer pastime. The sun, surf, waves and apparel are hard to resist. The fitness, the challenge and the lovely ladies who enjoy sailing and racing as much as you are all part of the package; as is Henri Lloyd. The apparel you wear even if you don’t own a yacht.

Sporty, colourful and respected; Henri Lloyd

Henri Lloyd’s headquarters are based in Manchester, England. They have 40 stores spanning UK, Australia, the Middle East and Europe. The original Henri Lloyd, Henri Strzelecki was a soldier in the Polish Army. In 1946, Mr Henri was awarded both Polish and British military medals. Settling in Manchester at the end of the Second World War, Strzelecki or ”Mr Henri” as he became known, studied textiles and design before working with local clothing companies in Manchester. In 1985, Mr Henri was given the Member of the Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, This followed in 1986 and 1987 by two Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement. In March 2009 Henri Lloyd signed a commercial partnership with Brawn GP Formula One Team as Official Supplier of Clothing and Footwear Technology.

Henri Lloyd's 2011 Collection, where sport meets fashion

Henri Lloyd, to be worn at the yacht club or weekend

Henri Lloyd’s apparel is well known and well respected. MSP know that men are scared of colour. Yes, we know you prefer to wear denim, blue cotton shirts, maybe even the same belt with several different pants throughout the year; but….sailing is one genre of fashion/clothing where you can really splash out…excuse the pun. Sailing is fun, exciting, masculine and homorous. I mean where else can you name multi-million dollar assets like Alimony, TARP, or Golden Shower? It all conveys a playfulness that only money can buy. Yet you can be a part of it, under the instruction of your helmsman (normally the dude that owns the yacht) and learn the art of sailing, wearing the art of fashion.

So if its your first time heading off to the great blue yonder, here are a few tips. Start watching ‘Deadliest Catch’. Learn a few key words like Regatta, Maxi Class and Top-Sider boat shoes. Next, learn how to tie a bowline and a reef knot and know when to use them. Finally, purchase Yacht World and sit in a a yacht club and circle classifieds larger than 45 feet.

Audi Race week - what a sight!


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