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ATTRACT and KEEP the right woman for You.

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The Stylemeister and I were discussing the predicament that many guys find themselves in at 36-50 years of age, where they’ve made it to the ‘top’ of the career only to find they’ve rolled the dice in their snakes and ladders game, and landed on a slippery one, and woops they’re back down to the bottom of the game in the love department.

There’s a story about one dude in particular who was at CEO level in strategy, who was made redundant from his firm of 15 years, and was paid out a lot of money to go on garden leave. During this time, he was on the hunt for a women. Of course he was…isn’t that what we all do?

We strive to put everything in place. The car, house, shares, adventures, playboy bunnies, and superannuation, and then we go get the girl to ‘fit’ into the equation. Sadly, what’s happened to this dude, is he’s so materialistically proud, that the girl, (let’s say she’s a circle), doesn’t fit into his life, (which is an rectangle), and thus creating frustration.

Where does that leave you? Alone!

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Don’t think the outcome changes just because you pursue another chick. These ladies are smart, and their intuition is on 24/7. So you wine and dine her at the most expensive and highly awarded michelin hat restaurant, you talk about your new limited edition Maserati, you comment that you’ve got 60 tradesmen at your new home laying slabs of marble in the laundry – BUT – If she gets one tiny little inkling that your agenda is to fit ‘some’ woman, any woman into your life without the real true emotional spiritual stuff – a true lady will sweetly smile, pat her lips with her napkin and walk out. And all you’ll be left looking at (after her beautifully toned derriere) is the $160 Wagyu Beef Burger that can’t even talk to you.

What’s worse, is that since you’ve not really seen women as anything but someone to fit into the equation of your life, when you do get a lady in your life, you really don’t know how to treat her. Guys, she’s not a business deal.

So how do you keep that woman in your life, that you’ve miraculously stumble across?

Firstly, you need to focus on the most positive, attractive parts of you. The ones that are the most alluring to others. Not sleazy. And hey, it’s not your Porche, it’s not your house in the Bahamas, (although this shows that you’ve worked hard to get where you are), but it’s not the deal breaker.


So often, we men, think we’d be able to MAKE a woman want us and only us if we were just better looking, smarter, richer, more accomplished, or more whatever we think we “should be.” So you try to impress her with your car, your house, your title, your sports’ knowledge, your grasp of politics, your career successes…You try to wow her with your Gucci boots, your spray on tan, and expensive teeth whitening…You try to engage her with your witty jokes, and your interest in his every passing thought…(p.s: if the guys in the office are standing around with scotch in hand laughing at your crude jokes, do not, I repeat do not, launch into some stand up comic in front of the new girl and recite them. Warning; drink soon to be on your face).

Here’s the thing:

To create that “meant to be” feeling with a woman, you have to do something else entirely.

It’s not about impressing a woman with your body, personality, or life history. Seriously – forget all that – those things will only help you to INITIALLY attract a woman. They won’t help you RAMP UP a woman’s attraction or make it LAST.

You’ve got to connect with a woman’s SOUL and give her that “we just knew” feeling or – no matter how “right” things may seem at first – they won’t ever lead to a “forever thing.”

bl woman

I’ve come across a lot of couples who when asked how they met, or when did they know they were meant for each other, they say, “we just knew”.  And then they look lovingly at each other and say, “It’s hard to describe. It just always felt right. It felt meant to be.” Damn it, I hear it all the time. And you heard your mother say this to you right?

So for you; ‘happily ever after’ turned into ‘crappily ever after’…

Maybe you felt so self-conscious and anxious around her because you liked her SO MUCH, that you were constantly on edge, worrying that she’d leave you… This is a sign that you’re not ready – and that there is something in your life you need to look at before you can be comfortable in your skin to attract and keep the right girl.

Maybe you worried so much that you started behaving in a way that makes a woman want to RUN: By being clingy, needy, negative, insecure, jealous…?

Maybe your ‘agenda’ was to just have ‘someone’ in your life – well sorry mate, that never lasts.

You know that metaphysical trick in which you visualize what you want coming true, and by doing so it does? The Law Of Attraction? Well, when you do it for what you don’t want it’s called “The Law of REPULSION.”

Here’s the good news – a lot of information you need to inspire a woman to “just know” you’re the man for her, is totally within your grasp in our e-book MenStylePower – Part 2!

We talk about the ‘inner man’ and why things aren’t working out for you. We discuss the 5 archetypes and why all of them are residing inside of you and possibly playing out in your life in a negative manner. It’s essential to work on your ‘style’ from the inside out. Today, with all the reality lifestyle shows, and the attainability of material items, impression is reverting back to the simple and fundamental elements, such as honest, loyalty and truth. Respect, joy and commitment. If you want a shot at ever-lasting happiness with the RIGHT woman, go to our products page and download a little bit of history.

Our approach is to give you fun, easy and to the point tips to help you stand out from the pack!!

So sit back, read, engage and be empowered, to look like the handsome man you are.

Sweet? Enjoy.


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