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This year, MenStylePower are heavily involved in supporting the campaign, Stella Fella which is an initiative created by Project Futures, whose aim is to end Global Human Trafficking.

Yep – let’s talk about the ugly crap that is happening right under our noses guys. The statistics are here. 32 Million women and children are in slavery today. More than any other time in history. It’s main access source is the internet. AND we are seeing this hideous trade affect every single country in the world including first world countries.

Also on the war path to end Global Human Trafficking is the company Massland via their  ‘walk for want to Everest’ . AMAZING!

Every single dollar raised on this platform until the 1st June 2015 up to the target will be matched in order to help women and girls who have been victims of sex trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia.

About PROJECT FUTURES, an Australian anti-human trafficking organisation supporting women and girls who have been victim to this crime recover and reach economic empowerment in Cambodia and Australia.


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