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Aoud Jewelry for Men from Italy

Here at Menstylepower, we’ve found that color is a scary concept for Gents who are just starting out reworking their personal style. Color to them represents a sense of femininity, which they want to avoid at all costs, so they tend to stay in the hues of blues, greys and blacks. Maybe a little latte or camel is thrown in, but definitely not in the slacks department.

If you’re a bloke who fits the above category, and there’s nothing wrong with that, we recommend accessorizing these darker hues. Accessories can be concealed (dig the mystery here) or half concealed (creating intrigue) or fully exposed (only for the daring).

Now, Men’s jewellery is often a hard sell; gents tend to stay close to watches and cufflinks, and far away from a shiny trinket that might question their masculinity.

When the designer from Aoúd contacted us, I think the whole office went into awe. Many stigmas associated with men’s jewellery were released when we assessed their Collection and gave the all round nod of approval. It’s brilliant.

The Italian brand has managed to develop a range that harks back to ancient times. Take Les Miserables freedom fighters, Roman warriors, Maasai and mysterious Pirates to mind.

Many of the pieces incorporate natural stones with silver and brass, whilst the mixture of individually shaped seeds and tassels adds a rustic touch to both the bracelets and necklaces. The antithesis remind one of colonial times through an intense journey of symbols from far away lands.

Although color is present for the daring ones, a fairly dark palette is prominent throughout much of the collection, helping produce a brooding touch and keeping the overall aesthetic chic and classic. We’re diggin’ it!


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