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Ain’t Laurent without Yves

You may know that the historical French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent changed hands and creative direction a number of years back, to many a fan’s horror. Although the bags and accessories and beauty line remained as YSL, the men’s ready to wear changed enormously.

The new man, well, reintroduced man at the helm; a shy, mute and yet creative soul stepped into the top job in 2012 and for the last three years, has produced the ready-to-wear line which has been rebranded to ‘Saint Laurent’.

It’s not often that MenStylePower criticise a designers efforts with each and every collection sent down the runway. But since the rebranding, the new creative director of the iconic French Designer House has disappointed in so many ways. People who do turn their thumbs down like we are, are potentially slapped across the blushing cheek by fashion commentators and fashion critiques stating that fashion is art and we’re not seeing it.

This last collection is nothing more to us that an unfortunate self-focussed embodiment of Slimane’s experience whilst living in California, where he moved the design studio. The images we’ve chosen below will show you the framing of the heroine addicted surfer like waster stumbling down the runway. Yes, that was harsh. But what is harsher? Smashing the reputation and legacy of the YSL brand into smithereens by disrespecting the 50+ years Yves dedicated to build it up with his partner, Pierre into one of the most glorious fashion houses of all, by sending down the runways apparel that looks like a value/budget retailer?

This is a shame. Such a shame.




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