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Africa rocks ubersexycool: Stingo’s emerging style

Stingo – A word from the Kenyan slang lexicon a la 80’s meaning “style”. (Today it’s more than that, it’s “ubersexycool”).

Stingo – A collaboration of style and creativity and a collective of 5 young, happening and highly talented Kenyans; a stylist, a fashion designer, a makeup artist, a photographer and a production whiz.

Stingo is a crazymadfun approach to fashion, style, photography, film, makeup and models a la Afrique – and the Stingo project is a means for these young, up and coming professionals to learn, experiment and one day launch African style into the stratosphere.

Their style mantra is practical: Given the lack of Prada stores and a severe shortage of Louboutin heels, Balenciaga bags and A&F outlets in Africa, stylists in the developing world are more creative, more street and more innovative than their counterparts in the rest of the world – for them to create spreads and shots like those on this page, the most realistic thing to do is to mix it up and be uber creative.

In African cities like Nairobi, Stingo’s stylists trawl the large number of open air markets hawking second hand clothes from Dubai and Asia alongside mangoes, potatoes and piles of cucumbers. At the famous Ngara, Toi to Gikomba markets, they find treasures in bags and boxes overflowing with castoffs from the first world (one person’s rejects is another’s new look). They then mix it up with new threads from emerging African designers such as Toi and accessorize with pieces from Kazuri or Mr. Price and … VOILA!!!  The pics you see are proof of their very kick ass Afro style puddin’!

According to The Stingo Collective, in Africa … “this is how we dress”. And we at MSP love the results. Good work, kids … one day Nairobi, next day NYC & Milan!!!

‘The Stingo’ are:

Styling: Kepha Maina and Sunny Dolat Makeup/Grooming: Kangai Mwiti * (special mention as she’s somehow related to The Stylemeister!!) Photography: Jim Chuchu Production: Lucille Kahara


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