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A Great Feit: Men’s Shoes

Another stunning made to order service reaching out to the masses is the beautiful leather goods of Australian brand FEIT.

Handmade is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot,  however FEIT products really do have the feel of being made with care by someone who truly knows their way around a piece of hide.

So what does it mean, and where did they come from?

FEIT; [fight]

FEIT was established by Tull Price and his brother Josh in 2005.  It was founded as a response to an over saturation of synthetics and industrial waste resulting from the aggressive commercial approach of the creation and distribution of consumer products. MSP readers are going to hear a lot about this new (well, not really) movement called Slow Retail. And FEIT and other brands are authentic to this trend.

All FEIT products are made by hand using natural materials. They work with the finest suppliers and craftsmen in the world where no chrome or harmful chemicals are used in the making and tanning processes. And ss you can imagine, FEIT’s products are like pieces of art, therefore only a select number are made per model each year. This is exciting!

You may have heard of Founder Tull’s first foray into the footwear industry when he launched Royal Elastics in London in 1996. In 2002 Royal Elastics was sold to a major multinational sports brand. Tull served as President before departing in 2004. Based in New York, he divides his time between FEIT and his partnership with Rag & Bone.

We kinda dig this high top (below.

The Hand Sewn High is a luxury handmade version of the classic court sneaker This FEIT interpretation features FEIT’s advanced Goodyear construction, all natural materials and unlined raw edges. These shoes feature all of the subtle details that the FEIT community has come to expect.

We recommend that this shoe be worn bare foot.

Each pair includes both square leather and cotton laces.

FEIT hightops - to be worn without socks.

FEIT hightops – to be worn without socks.

FEIT-4 shoes


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