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8 Women Men Need to Avoid


A Jealous Woman Can Do Better Research than the FBI!

Men can always spot a fellow dude who is trouble. The Player, The Loser, The Mental Case, The Dumpster and The Wanker.

But can they spot the women who are trouble? Yup, guys can be fooled, too, and miss the signs of danger. However, as our conversations with women who are close to the MenStylePower Team continue, I am here to warn you about these unhealthy ladies and tell you to Run before you find yourself knee-deep in a heap of trouble, acting like Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction cleaning up her life.

Jealousy is a curse

Jealousy is a curse

Jealous Jane

To this creature, every woman is a threat. To her the waitress was checking you out, your coworker wore that skimpy dress just for you, and even your own sister wants you in bed. Rest assured, while much of it is insecurity plus being hurt in the past, soon you will be accused of sleeping with women you never met. Armed with McGuyver skills, she has also obtained your email and facebook passwords. In this Roman Court of Law you are already guilty. Get out of jail free while you can.

Maiden in Distress

Maiden in Distress

Tara In-Trouble

The damsel in distress is in trouble once again. She is on the railroad tracks to TrainSmash-Ville. No, it isn’t a drug dealer with a bad mustache or just plain awful luck. IT’S HER. Yes, her addiction to drama and negative attention seeking behavior put her there. Run from the oncoming train before you have to clear your calendar for an ER visit or jail term.

Xena The X-Boyfriend Basher

There are bad men in this world who hurt women. At the same time, it also takes two to make a relationship a nightmare. If every man she has ever dated has been a monster that needed vanquishing, this is a pattern. Not only is she someone who never sees her role in anything, but her repeated need for conflict has caused partners to lash out and have enough. While a woman warrior is awesome on TV, she is not worth turning into a bad guy for.

The un-seperated

The un-seperated

Sally Somewhat Separated

We all come with baggage. But if her baggage means she is still legally married, “Run, Forrest, run.” Either she and her codependent white knight are seeking to reunite, or she is lying so she can get a new man to put up with her never-ending relationship indecision. A cheater is someone who doesn’t want to be alone, and nothing says three’s company like a black sedan following you slowly down the sidewalk.

Holier than thou

Holier than thou

Pious Polly

Faith and spirituality are wonderful things. However, this young woman is on a mission from God. Fearlessly preaching to others, she believes it is her duty to save them from the flames of hell. Before you applaud her for conviction in her beliefs, Joan of Arc missed the sermon about loving your neighbors. As someone who constantly has the talk button on with no listening, there is probably no love loss on the part of her neighbors either. In reality, she is not serving a power greater than herself, but rather just herself and is a hypocrite when it comes to her own character defects. A closed-minded, self-centered, judgmental partner spells unhealthy regardless of your belief system.

Clingy Caroline

Guys, it is nice to have a devoted, fun loving companion at your side but if she’s spending all her time with you, not so good. Before you start thinking of her as wifey material, examine the situation more closely. If she is sacrificing her interests and friends to be with you night and day, “Danger Will Robinson.” While a doting woman who has no identity outside of you or seeming thoughts of her own is a fantasy, in reality she has serious issues. No, she will not be pouring your lemonade in lingerie, but rather calling you ten times a day just to talk and then some.

Manipulative Mandy

Remember when your parents told your sister, “Girls don’t hit.” Bad news. She was learning to play mind games. Some of us grow out of it. Others become experts at psychological warfare. Yes, this would-be field marshal manipulator will take her emotional missiles and start fights where there are none just to gain control of the situation. Then, when you dare reply back she will cry, twisting the facts so you feel like it is your fault. One slight mistake you will hear, “DON’T YOU LOVE ME?!?” No, we don’t love her or her games.

Um, can we put this photo up? Great example though. Don't you think?

Um, can we put this photo up? Great example though. Don’t you think?

Lila Love 2 Party

This lass is fun to be around cause she is always doing something CRAZY. However, it’s no longer a good time when her booze and coke filled binges are on any day that ends with a “y.” Bonus, as her professional babysitter, you will be subject to fist fights and suicidal meltdowns when the high ends. Oh, and she might give you something that makes you burn when you pee.

Princess Penelope

Sure, some dudes want to bang the homecoming queen, head cheerleader, or high ranking sorority sister with the rich dad. Beware, because the king’s daughter is a princess. She is used to getting her own way, and will expect you to dote on her like a slave. Oh, and she is ordering the steak and sliding the bill your way. Your friends will hate her and she will talk down to your sisters.

Opinionated Olivia

A heated debate with an intelligent woman can be hot, and what follows can be smoking. Watch out if she is always arguing with everyone and engaging in conflict where there is none. This woman insists the sky is red when it is really blue. She will behave this way with everyone, including your family and friends. They will stop calling you and inviting you to things because you will bring The Hell Bitch. Want my opinion? Dump her like a bag of wet laundry.

Reference: Good Men Project


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