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6 Winter Skincare Products for Men


It is officially Autumn in the southern hemisphere and that means, dry skin, chapped lips and cranky eyes.

A big part of what we do is test products to make sure what we’re writing about products that would actually stand up in a court of law.

These are some of our favourites men’s skincare items that genuinely work and that have passionate teams behind them bringing new and innovative creams and serums to you to maintain your awesome handsomeness.

Skincare can be daunting to some men, and we understand that. There is so much choice out there it’s no wonder some blokes have choice fatigue.

So let’s keep this advice simple. [show_shopthepost_widget id=”1494267″]

Morning routine


Just wash your face with cold water in the morning and towel dry. No need to do anything special.


You need to put moisture back into your face guys. Dry skin can chap easier in the cooler months and the sun, environment and pollution destroys handsomeness. There are soooo many moisturisers out there, so if you’re keep to go a la simple, we suggest sorbolene. Why? Because we use it on babies. It’s light weight, doesn’t stick, doesn’t smell and does the job.



Do we need to tell you again? We have no O-zone. The harmful rays are coming straight down from the heavens giving us sun spots, sun cancer and the like. Ugh. You dudes want a sunscreen that isn’t oily. It needs to be light-weight, fast absorbing and soft, not like some of the 50+ creams that require some palm pressing to melt it a little before application. We suggest using the SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV Defense 30. No fragrance, no nasties and isn’t greasy.


Evening Routine


After a hard days’ work, you’ll find you will want to wash your face. From the pollution, to climate to sweat that covers your face over the 12 hours of the day, washing your face-dial with a cleanser is super important. You can find a good cleanser on the shelves of your local supermarket or you can go Special with a capital S. Of all the cleaners we dig, this is the best; The Lab Series. Why? Because it works, it washes off in a single rinse and doesn’t leave any smudgy feeling, it doesn’t dry your skin out and the tube lasts over 12 months, so you don’t need to bother with multiple purchases over the year.



Now this is a little special, but it is still as easy as pie to apply. A serum opposed to a moisturiser is a deep penetrating, quick drying moisture barrier that works hard while you sleep. A serum will leave out ingredients like oil and petrolatum (thickening agents for creams) and could be compared to how hard the digestive system works if you eat a roast for dinner or a fruit salad. The digestive system is going to work like crazy to break down the heavier foods, as the skin does absorbing heavier concentrated creams. The less the body works during sleep, the most time it has to repair cells and replenish your body as a whole.

Anthony serum


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